Setting the Development Agenda of the Nation
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Our mission is to advise the President of the Republic of Ghana on development planning policy and strategy by providing a national development policy framework and ensuring that strategies including consequential policies and programmes are effectively carried out to enhance the well-being and living standards of all Ghanaians on a sustainable basis. ....more




In preparing this Medium-Term Development Policy Framework, Ghana Shared Growth and
Development Agenda (GSGDA, 2010-2013), Government responds to the constitutional
injunction, which requires that policies leading to the establishment of a just and free society are
pursued by the state. Government’s Better Ghana Agenda also emphasises the following:
expanding access to potable water and sanitation, health, housing and education; reducing geographical disparities in the distribution of national resources; ensuring environmental sustainability in the use of natural resources through science, technology and innovation; pursuing an employment-led economic growth strategy that will appropriately link agriculture to industry, particularly manufacturing; and improving transparency and accountability in the use of
public funds and other national resources..more




District Monitoring and Evaluation Guidelines for GSGDA II (2014-2017)

Sector Monitoring and Evaluation Guidelines for GSGDA II (2014-2017)

The Implementation of the Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda
(GSGDA), 2010 - 2013

District Planning Guidelines for Medium-Term Development Plans – 2014-2017

Sector Planning Guidelines for Medium-Term Development Plans – 2014-2017


2010 Report
Ghana Millennium Development Goals

Achieving the MDGs with Equity in Ghana: Unmasking the Issues Behind the Averages - A Technical Paper

Baseline Assessment -
Resources spent on M&E and Statistics

The Coordinated Programme of Economic and Social Development Policies, 2010 – 2016

GSGDA Costing Framework (Vol. II)

GSGDA (Vol. I) Medium Term Development Policy Framework Ghana Shared Growth and  Development Agenda - 2010 - 2013




Annual Progress Report of Country's Economic Performance


Commissioners Chat Room


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