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Overview of the LTNDP

In January 2010, the Government established a Constitution Review Commission (CRC) to: (a) “ascertain from the people of Ghana, their views on the operation of the 1992 Fourth Republican Constitution and, in particular, the strengths and weaknesses of the Constitution; (b) to articulate the concerns of the people of Ghana on amendments that may be required for a comprehensive review of the 1992 Constitution; (c) to make recommendations to the Government for consideration and provide a draft Bill for possible amendments to the 1992 Constitution”.

According to the CRC’s report, issued in December 2011, the Commission was “overwhelmed, during its consultations, with submissions calling for the institution of a national development plan (the Plan) for the nation…although [development planning] was not one of the 44 indicative sets of issues used by the Commission for the consultative process”. Given the “widespread, consistent and clear” nature of the calls (as described by the CRC), the Commission devoted Chapter 3 of its report, From a Political to a Developmental Constitution, to “National Development Planning”.

The following are highlights from the Report:

1. The [Long-term Development] Plan should be national in character for the following reasons:

a. It will ensure that there is a blueprint for national progress and sustainable development.

b. It will be the framework for accelerated growth and actual reduction in poverty levels among Ghanaians.

c. It will ensure that national development is not centred on sectional political party manifestos; manifestos must rather be aligned to the Plan.

d. It will reduce the party politicization of our development process.

e. It will serve as a holistic basis for the assessment of the performance of successive governments.

f. A development plan which is national in character stands a greater chance of being adhered to by successive governments than a sectional policy.