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Gov´t doing well with infrastructure but … - Imani boss

May 4, 2016, 5:03 p.m.

Founder of policy Think Tank IMANI Ghana, Franklin Cudjoe, has applauded the Government for its infrastructural development across the country but has asked that Ghanaians interrogate the projects’ value-for-money.

“I have got to say that the NDC government is doing quite well in infrastructure, for sure, you cannot hide the fact that they are actually doing a lot of infrastructural projects, and, so, they are doing well, but my quibble over that really is the value that comes with this investment”, he told Roderick Nii-Lante Wellington host of business programme Closing Bell on Class 91.3fm Wednesday May 4.

Mr Cudjoe doubted the project costs of the Kumasi airport runway and the Tamale airport as quoted by government.

“I like to know the values because I don’t believe the Kumasi runway was done for the figure, I think it was done for less than a third of that figure”, he said.

“The Tamale airport should not cost a $100million, it should cost about $25million, and I think these are some of the questions we should be asking about the value-for-money, but let us give it to the NDC, how they are funding that to me is a mystery, it appears they are making good use of some of the bonds, but you and I should be quibbling, what is the value in return…they are doing well on that score, but I am just saying that it is also important for you and I to look into the numbers,” Mr Cudjoe said.