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Political parties should consider NDPC’s 40-year plan – Prof. Botchwey

June 9, 2016, 3:53 p.m.

Professor Kwesi Botchwey, Chairman, NDPC, has advised political parties to factor the 40-year Development Plan mooted by the National Development Planning Commission of Ghana, into their manifestos.

He said this will ensure a common national development vision for the transformation of the Ghanaian economy.

Prof. Botchwey said this yesterday June 8, 2016, at a progress press briefing for senior media practitioners on the Long-Term National Development Plan for Ghana, at the NDPC’s premises.

He explained , though the plan will not be binding on political parties, it will make their work easier by creating a level playing field for all parties, whether in power or not, when adopted in the preparation of their manifestos.

“The Plan thus provides the continuity we need for long-term national development and the flexibility of governmental change through elections”, he said.

“It will force political party manifestos to take a long-term view of national development, beyond the electoral cycle, without losing their relevance or importance. This innovative approach of blending continuity and change in an evolving democratic environment has been applauded by the AU and political observers at home and abroad”, he added.

The 40-year Development project has been categorized into a 10 medium-term plan that is scheduled to drive the long-term national development plan. The project will commence in 2018 and end in 2057, in which year Ghana will celebrate its 100th independence anniversary.

By this plan, Ghana is expected to be ranked among high-income countries of the world with an industrialized, diversified and export –oriented economy that is resilient; an economy driven by Ghanaian entrepreneurship and characterized by high-value services; dynamic and globally competitive manufacturing sector; as well as an efficient agricultural sector capable of feeding the nation and exporting to the global markets.

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Source: Ghanaweb