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63 businesses ready for 1 district, 1 factory project

July 27, 2017, 11 a.m.

Government has disclosed that 63 businesses are ready to be established under the one district one factory project.

This is estimated to cost over 2 million dollars and would be built in different districts across the country.

Speaking to members of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) yesterday, a Deputy Trade Minister, Robert Ahomka –Lindsay disclosed that over a hundred businesses will follow after the 63 businesses are inaugurated.

“We have had close to 400 business plans that have been presented now. This is interesting because if you look at the business plans that have been presented, over 331 of those are actually business plans. So we are not talking about somebody just writing a couple of sheets and saying that, I have a dream to build eggs and as the chairman was saying, these are business plans that we feel are of substance,”.

“We have analyzed over 331 of these business plans and of those 331 business plans, 63 of them are 2 million dollars and above and are of the nature of construction. As we speak today, it is ready to go forward so these are businesses that know what they are doing,” he added.

Mr. Ahomka-Lindsay announced that government has also commenced work to put in place the infrastructure to make the project feasible.

“All they want is for us to put the structures in place and get out of their way. They are ready to go,” he noted.

Giving some more details, Mr. Ahomka-Lindsay stated that out of 268 businesses, 175 are of average size with capital of about 500 thousand dollars.

He stated that these businesses have presented their plans which have been approved by banks with clear roadmaps for implementation.