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NDPC demands cooperation from all stakeholders

Sept. 15, 2015, midnight

By Mohammed Awal Ghanaian Chronicle

The National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) has said it needs the goodwill of all political parties to ensure that the long term National Development Plan becomes a success. Dr. Nii Moi Thompson, the Director General of the NDPC said this at a news briefing in Accra yesterday.According  to him it was based on this that the NPDC even before finalising the National Development Plan document, sought for the contributions of the various political parties in the country. “That’s why we actually involved the political parties from the very beginning  so that even before the law (document) becomes effective, they themselves will be willing to implement the plan,” he pointed out.

It would make life easier for successive governments, he noted, stating “they now don’t have to promise everything under the sun”, as they know exactly what was expected of them when they assumed governance. Dr. Thompson explained that the development plan to be developed after the consultations would be national in character and thus stood a better chance of being adhered to by successive governments.

He said developing long term development plan was inestimable and that it would bring about serious progress, including sustainable development that would ultimately lead the country to economic independence. “This (long term development plan) will ultimately be a project worthwhile,” he said adding Dr. no matter how much would be expended; it would go a long way to bring focus to the need for national progress and in the end “bring development to the door steps of the masses.”

Last Month, the President, John Mahama launched the process for the preparation of a long-term National Development Plan for the country. The plan, if finalized, will be the first ever long-term development plan spanning a period of 40 years. The plan, which is being spearheaded by the NDPC, aims at shaping Ghana’s future and complementing the existing medium development plans of the country.

Overwhelming support
According to the NDPC’s Director General, the process ahead of finalising the development which would go in history as the first ever long term plan to have been adopted by Ghana was receiving massive support from the public. The public support, he stated was overwhelming even among those critical of the process. He however mentioned that despite the support the public was very categorical calling for an inclusive process.

They argued that the tendency where every government worked per its own manifesto, neglecting the previous government’s efforts irrespective of their importance was doing the country a disservice, hence the need for the plan.
Others also urged the Commission to take up the issue of urbanisation very seriously so that slum communities like Sodom and Gomorrah would be avoided.

Dr. Nii Moi Thompson said the quest for Long Term Development Plan for Ghana was born out of Public calls and proposals contained in the Constitution Review Commission established to look into the 1992 Constitution and come out with recommendations for consideration by government. He said it is only a long term planning that can deal with the intractable development challenges that the nation faces.

Disclaimer;The views expressed in this news  report do not necessarily  reflect the views of the National Development Planning Commission.(NDPC)