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40-year National Development Plan consultations ends in Upper East

Sept. 16, 2015, 3:53 p.m.

By King Edward Ambrose Washman Addo/ Peace FM online

The National Development Planning Commission [NDPC], as part of the preparation of a long-term national development plan for Ghana, held citizen’s consultations in the Upper East Region.

The two day event which is part of the regional consultation processes is expected to solicit views, comments, recommendations from chiefs, traditional leaders, community elders, the Assembly members, political party representatives Queen mothers, teachers, students and the ordinary Ghanaian that are needed to inform the preparation of the 40year plan for the nation.

Speaking at the event - the Upper East Regional Minster, Mr James Zuugah Tiigah described as unfortunate Ghana’s declination in social and economic advancement after the country gain independence.

“The momentum of the economic and industrial activities which marked the early years of our independence declined for various reasons, the most important being poor planning in our developmental agenda.”

“…This decision of the NDPC to start this process is not only timely but most appropriate as it would give us the opportunity to plan for today, tomorrow and the years ahead for the benefit of us and the general to come. It will serve as strategic direction for all governments during the period” he said 

According to him, a country without a vision is baseless regardless the effort of any government plan to build the nation – “We in Ghana know what we want to achieve, we have a sense of direction, but we can only reach our goal is we plan, organize and co-ordinate our affairs well in all our endeavours.”

The head prefect of the Bolgatanga Girls’ Senior High School, Agbanga Anaamlie Gloria also contributed to the event – she insisted that Ghana must be noted for its “Peace and Unity” as a nation.

Speaking on education, she noted that – “Ghana needs quality and better education with a national budget which will give more attention to education in order to nurture the youth into dignified and productive citizen through quality education, discipline and hard work.”

To her, is government is able to implement some collective suggestion she made – “Ghana will be like heaven on earth without strikes and demonstrations” 

Asabea Abdul Rahman from the Bolgatanga Polytechnic outlined some plans that will help elevate Ghana from its current “shambolic polytechnic education” state – “Institutionalizing the period of internship. Prolonging the period of internship at the cost of the state. We can better achieve the purpose of establishing polytechnic or technical education in the government will provide industries and allocate technical students to do their internship instead of the student searching for companies to do their internship”

A speech read by the NAVASCO student was keen on seeing Ghana manage its own affairs – “We want as a nation where Ghana will take centre stage and not party. We envisage a nation devoid of stereotyping and stigmatizing of one group or another. Our dream is not a new dream. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah predicted that Ghana is capable of managing its own affairs, why then are we still begging? We want Ghana to be doable.”

Natives from the Upper East also urged government to create businesses that will generate wealth between the rich and the poor in the region – they also cried for lack of support from government especially to women in business - Their aim to see a country where all are treated equally. 

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this report do not necessarily reflect the position of the National Development Planning Commission(NDPC)