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CAGD briefs department heads on E-payment

July 24, 2015, noon

A two-day workshop on the new electronic salary payment vouchers (ESPV) has ended in the Western Region with a call on heads of department to ensure proper validation before salaries were paid.

The ESPV has been developed to ensure that government's wage bill was cleared off ghost names and save the national purse of such loses.

Mr. Emmanuel Opoku-Mensah, Regional Director of Controller Accountants Generals Department said already, six regions have been hooked onto the system.

He said "the benefits are so huge that it has impacted positively on the wage bill. The public wage bill had dropped from 70 to 57 per cent.

The new system enjoined heads of government departments to validate employees before salaries were paid.

Mr Opoku-Mensah added that, the system also places a great task on heads of department to capture and expose unscrupulous elements in the system.

He said the introduction of the E-pay slip began the process of addressing the grey areas in the payroll system.


Disclaimer : The views expressed in this news report do not necessarily reflect those of the National Development Planning Commission