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Prices of foodstuffs go up astronomically

May 20, 2016, 8:33 a.m.

Consumers must brace themselves up to pay more at their next visit to the market as prices of foodstuffs have increased astronomically, Joy News checks have revealed.

A box of tomatoes costs between ¢800 and ¢900 while a bag of onion costs ¢200- ¢220 at the Mallam Atta and Makola markets.

According to the market women, in January 2016, a box of tomatoes cost between ¢200 and ¢220 while the cost of a bag of onion which cost ¢120 and ¢150.

They believe the increase is as a result of the scarcity of some of the commodities.

The tomato sellers told Joy News' Francis Abban that prices are too high and consumers come around to ask about the prices and when they are unable to afford it they go away.

A cassava seller said they used to buy a sack of cassava for ¢200 but the price has increased to ¢240 but the quality of the cassava has been compromised.

Renowned market research company, Esoko has revealed the harsh weather conditions have driven prices of foodstuffs up by some percentage in the first quarter of this year.

The Country Manager of Esoko, Francis Danso Adjei told Joy News if the weather conditions do not improve, the hikes will continue.

"The prices of some specific commodities that we have, the ones you find in almost every Ghanaian home like cassava, tomatoes, maize will increase going into the second quarter," he said.