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Prioritize Agriculture, Manufacturing & Finance – Dr Kofi Amoah

Oct. 13, 2016, 10:13 a.m.

Entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer of Progeny Ventures, Dr Amoah has reiterated his three-legged development plan which hinges on agriculture, manufacturing and finance, stressing that such a plan can guarantee Ghana’s industrialization.

Dr Amoah’s presentation which he made in a lecture held at the Regent University College of Science and Technology was in a triangular pattern as he stressed their importance in any industrialization effort.

The lecture titled “Industrialization of Ghana : The Way Forward,” was part of programmes lined up to mark the university’s 10th anniversary celebrations.

The entrepreneur who is also a development economist noted that the finance policy of government had to recognise the need to support small, high-yield farms in order to maximize aggregate farm output.

Speaking to the successes chalked with cocoa where small cocoa farms received sustained support with loans, Dr Amoah called for a duplication of efforts in other areas.

Commenting on a lecture given by entrepreneur, Dr  Amoah, President of the University, Prof E.K. Larbi charged students to explore into the world of technology and innovation as a response to the seeming intractable challenges facing the country.


He expressed renewed confidence in the abilities of Ghanaian youth to excel in the fields of technology and innovation and place the country in a higher pedestal.

The University said it remained committed in preparing graduates and equipping them scientifically and technologically so they can rise to Ghana’s developmental challenges and those of the African continent.