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Blame rains for latest erratic power supply - Jinapor

Oct. 25, 2016, 10:18 a.m.

Deputy Power minister John Jinapor has attributed the recent erratic power supply in parts of Accra to the rains.

According to him, some of the transmitting lines become vulnerable when they are hit by the storm during heavy rains.

Parts of Accra including Achimota, East Legon, Amasaman and Dome have been experiencing intermittent power outages in recent times.

The situation has sparked fears of a possible reemergence of the protracted power crisis the nation experienced for over three years.

But speaking on the Morning Starr Tuesday, Mr. Jinapor said the challenge is a temporal one which will be resolved soon.

“Dumsor is not back, we are just having some challenges because of the storm and the rains. These are not deliberate outages, if it were, we wouldn’t be selecting these specific areas for constant outages.

"I am meeting the ECG leadership over those reports today but I know for a fact that the recent outages are as a result of the rains. Our transmitting lines are often impeded by the storm when it rains. I know areas such as East Legon, Amasaman, Achimota and the Dome areas have been experiencing the problems”.

He said Ghana has enough installed capacity to avoid another load shedding.

"I can say the challenges with power generation and transmission is over given the investments".