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'Bad policies' cause of Ghana's dependency on donors - KB Asante

Feb. 24, 2017, 1:46 p.m.

Ghana and Africa continue to rely on aid from donor agencies and developed countries because of the “bankrupt policies” of successive governments, retired diplomat K.B Asante has said.

Some stakeholders have argued that foreign aid is impeding the growth of Ghana and other African countries and have, therefore, suggested fair trade with the West rather than aid.

Speaking on World Affairs on Class91.3FM on Friday, 24 February, Mr Asante noted that Ghana had gone beyond requesting for aid but said even if the need to borrow arises, the loan obtained should be used to improve the economy and not be misused.

“We have long passed aid and why some still think of aid I don’t understand. It is because of bankrupt policies which they carry out which brings problems to the country to balance budget and the economy and, therefore, you’re forced to take a pittance now and again and by so doing, mentally, you become subservient,” he stated.

Asked by show host Dr Etse Sikanku if aid was hurting Africa and should be scrapped, Mr Asante said: “Many donor agencies have them in their programmes and have in their budget small amounts for aid to developing countries. And so if you are taking why should they stop?”

According to him, scrapping aid was not the solution to the problem in Ghana and Africa at large. “That’s not the problem. Let’s look at ourselves, why should we need aid? We can borrow and use the money well to improve the economy but we shouldn’t borrow to go and ‘chop’ for corruption. If we do that, we shall stay where we are.”